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More than 10 years
20 years in Shenzhen
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Company introduction Founded in 1998, Shen Zhen SinChun Electronic Co.,Ltd.., as a brand authorized and unauthorized mixed dealer, specializes in the industry technology promotion, product application and service of electronic components such as integrated circuit storage chips, connectors, relays, etc. Our company has been focusing on providing customers with efficient and quality services. Based on direct supply, price advantage and reliable quality, we cooperate with customers' business development and solve customers' worries in product supply, design and production. The product brands we are acting for and distributing mainly fall into three categories, including well-known brands of connectors and relays, such as te Tyco Electronics, MOLEX, Amphenol Amphenol, FCI Framatome, Delphi Delphi, Yazaki Sumitomo, JST nippon, Omron Omron, etc., as well as integrated circuit brands such as ad, Bosch, on, Ti, NXP, St, Samsung, micron, etc. for more than 20 years, our company has established agency and distribution relations with many well-known brands all over the world, And has a good supply network. Our business covers industrial control, security, LED lighting, medical equipment, automotive electronics, instrumentation, consumer electronics, photoelectric coupling, power management, communication, network and computer circuit components, smart home, sensor instruments, subway high-speed rail, automation, etc. We can provide customers in various fields, including spot procurement, bill of materials matching, reducing procurement costs and small batch procurement.

Our products
Electromechanical product relay development board
Integrated circuit
Optocoupler and optocoupler relay
·           SiC MOSFET、SiC
Source of goods:

Authorized agents and distributor channels

Keep a large amount of authentic spot inventory and accept the futures order plan. It can guarantee a variety of supply solutions from sample, small batch trial production and mass production planning.

Professional team and original factory technical support
Excellent, professional and experienced core management team, as well as timely and effective mobilization of original factory technical support, so that customers can get timely and professional services before and after sales. Solving various problems encountered in the application of customers' products is the guarantee of our service.

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